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Flat rate of $95 per hour

*ask about special deals for bulk lessons

Technical Support

New Computer Setup

Registering, connecting, and setting up a new computer.

Internet and Network Setup

Connecting computer(s) to internet and/or to each other (wired or wireless).

Printer/Scanner Setup

Connecting wired or wireless printer or printer/scanner to computer.

Installing Software

Any software including OS X upgrades and web-based software.

Backup Solution

Setting up an ongoing backup solution to protect data.

General Troubleshooting/Problem Solving

We can fix most any software-related problem. For hardware issues, we will bring your computer to the nearest Apple Store for repair.

Private Lessons

Consumer and Office Applications

Professional Applications

(audio, video, photo, web, design)

New to a Mac

New to a Mac Package

Computer Setup

Internet Setup

Printer Setup

Backup Solution

1 Hour Lesson



Registering, setting up, syncing, adding e-mail account, and creating an iTunes account + basic tutorial.

iPod Setup

Registering, setting up, syncing, and creating an iTunes account + basic tutorial.

Organizing Media

Music - pricing varies

Digitize your entire music collection and organize it, ready to use with iTunes.

Photos - pricing varies

Scan old photos, sort through digital photos, and organize everything into online galleries, beautiful bound books, calendars, and more.

Video - pricing varies

Digitize video, organize it, and create stunning DVDs and videos online.

Business Consulting


A full assessment of your current setup.


A recommendation of the perfect system within your budget and preferences.


Installation of all new hardware and software, network and printer setup, etc.


Full training for staff in using the technology, troubleshooting, and system upkeep.

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